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Master New Testament Greek

Prepare to accomplish a big goal!

Learning to read the Greek New Testament is a big task. It can’t be done in a semester, or even in a degree program. 

There are two key things you’ll need to be able to read the Greek New Testament. The first is the right method. 

The Mastery Membership Program is the only program available that is explicitly designed to help you read the Greek New Testament.

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Would you like to be able to read the Greek New Testament for your own soul or ministry?

Do you want a manageable and sustainable approach that has been carefully designed to get you there?

Would you like to have the process broken down for you into small bite-sized pieces?

Do you have moments of the day when you’re waiting for something or someone?

Have you got 10 minutes each day in your quiet time when you could read some Greek?

If you answered yes to these questions, then don’t imagine reading the Greek New Testament, start a journey to accomplish it. The Mastery Membership breaks this goal down into manageable tasks and helps you pace yourself so you can achieve it without becoming overwhelmed, by doing a little each week. 

With the methodology of Master New Testament Greek and your consistency, reading the Greek New Testament is inevitable.


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