Chapter 1 Homework


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  • Beginning with New Testament Greek, Chapter 1  
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What to do

Complete the homework below to prepare to move to the next chapter

  • Watch the video above explaining the homework and for a brief discussion of the vocabulary
  • Write out the Greek alphabet in alphabetical order until you can do so from memory
  • Read chapter 1 of Beginning with New Testament Greek (if you haven’t already)
  • Complete the exercises on page 11-12 and check your work using the answer key on page 307-308.
  • Read John 3:16-18 out loud to practice your pronunciation, for additional practice you might want to read the entirety of John 3 out loud
  • Add the vocabulary above to Flashcards Deluxe
    • Learn the vocabulary
    • Review the vocabulary until you have 3 days between reviews for most words (see video for details)

Moving on

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