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Office Hours is a community call to catch up, share progress and work together to answer questions and make progress. 

Every week we have two types of calls. 

On Monday (PST)/Tuesday (NZ/AU time) we have our Office Hours call which is a great place to ask questions, talk about a text you’re working through, and get connected with others who are on the same journey as you. 

Beginning Greek

Beginning Greek Office Hours

Beginning Greek office hours (starting May 11, 2020) is focused on helping you make progress as you study through beginning Greek. Bring your workbook and work with us, or bring your questions and let’s talk about it!

Each call will start with a quick check-in to see where you got up to. Then we’ll talk about anything in the workbook or lessons that you want clarification or help with. We’ll also go through workbook exercises. Finally we’ll do a quick check-out where each person will share the next thing they’ll do before next week.

Call Details

You’ll find the call time in your timezone below. You can add each or individual Beginning Greek Office Hours calls to your calendar inside the community, under the events link in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Pacific/Auckland: Sep 22 - 09:00
  • Australia/Brisbane: Sep 22 - 07:00
  • America/New York: Sep 21 - 17:00
  • America/Los Angeles: Sep 21 - 14:00
  • Europe/London: Sep 21 - 22:00

Intermediate Greek

Intermediate Greek Office Hours

The focus of the Intermediate Greek Office Hours is to expand and solidify our experience reading Koine Greek texts. We read regularly from the New Testament, Apostolic Fathers and the Greek Old Testament (Septuagint).

You’ll find the call time in your timezone below. You can add each or individual Beginning Greek Office Hours calls to your calendar inside the community, under the events link in the left hand navigation bar. 

  • Pacific/Auckland: Sep 21 - 11:00
  • Australia/Brisbane: Sep 21 - 09:00
  • America/New York: Sep 20 - 19:00
  • America/Los Angeles: Sep 20 - 16:00
  • Europe/London: Sep 21 - 00:00
  • Pacific/Auckland: Sep 23 - 06:00
  • Australia/Brisbane: Sep 23 - 04:00
  • America/New York: Sep 22 - 14:00
  • America/Los Angeles: Sep 22 - 11:00
  • Europe/London: Sep 22 - 19:00

Themes (Intermediate Greek Office Hours)

In the Intermediate Greek Office Hours call we typically read from a different Koine Greek text each month, allowing us to get experience translating while also thinking through the text and learning as we read. 

  • Month 1: Text from the New Testament
  • Month 2: Text from the 1st-3rd century AD
  • Month 3: Text from the New Testament 
  • Month 4: Text from the Septuagint
  • Repeat

Note that we review Office Hours each quarter. Each quarter you should expect a different book to be covered in the book calls, and a different call link.

This month


Reading: James

Reading Level: Easy

Resources You'll Need

In our Office Hours calls we rotate through the Greek New Testament, the Septuagint (LXX) and the Apostolic Fathers,  yet we use fairly consistent resources. If you want to go ahead and purchase these resources, you’ll find them all below. 

Greek New Testament

I’m starting to recommend the Tyndale House Greek New Testament over the UBS or Nestle Aland. However, if you have one of those texts, there is no need to purchase another Greek New Testament just for this reading. If you haven’t yet purchased a Greek New Testament, this is my recommendation.

You can also purchase this to add to your Logos library here.

If you need a Reader’s Edition, there is one available here.


This is a recently published reader’s edition of the Greek translation of the Old Testament in two volumes.  

Apostolic Fathers

Apostolic Fathers Greek Reader: The Complete Edition
Edited by Shawn Wilhite and Jacob Cerone

This contains the text of the Didache and numerous other texts (some of which we will read in part in later challenges) from the Apostolic fathers. This resource contains words occurring 30x or less in the New Testament at the bottom of each page, making this a great resource for those who are still getting established in New Testament vocabulary.

Looking for books we’re reading or have read? Take a look at the Reading Academy page

Purchase links are affiliate links. By purchasing through these links you support this ministry at no additional cost to you.