Setting up Flashcards Deluxe

Test your vocabulary

In lessons with vocabulary, you'll see a box just like this one with the buttons below. If you don't already have a Dropbox account you can get a free account here (the free account is all you need)

Once you've logged into your account, you can test the MNTG upload process by clicking the buttons below. You will need both these files. See the instructions below or in the video for more details.

  • Beginning Greek, Chapter 4 Vocabulary   Help Me
  • Master Greek Combination Deck  Help Me

Steps to complete

Below is a list of the steps you’ll need to complete to set up Flashcards Deluxe for Master New Testament Greek. Next to each step is the time marker for the video above.

You will only need to perform steps 1-4 once – the first time you set up your device. You will perform the actions in step 5 regularly and will not require instructions once you get used to working with it.

1. Install Flashcards Deluxe

Watch the following two sections of the video above.

  • Overview of the process
  • Installing Flashcards Deluxe (Android) 

2. Connect to Dropbox

The instructions here are for working with Dropbox. If you prefer to work with Google Drive, see this page for instructions.

Watch the following sections of the video

  • Removing the sample data from Flashcards Deluxe 
  • Connecting to Dropbox 

3. How to download vocabulary

Watch the following segments of the video and download your first vocabulary deck (see below)

  • Saving cards from Master New Testament Greek 
  • Adding new cards to Flashcards Deluxe 

Vocabulary Download

This is the same file as the one directly under the video, but is provided here for convenience if you're following this guide.

  • Beginning Greek, Chapter 4 Vocabulary    Help Me

4. Set up your combination deck

Download the pre-built combination deck below (follow the same instructions as in step 3 but with the Master Deck instead of the Beginning Greek chapter 4 deck).

Master Greek Deck

Rather than creating a combination deck, you can simply download this deck and skip to the next step.

  • Master Greek Combination Deck  Help Me

5. Learn how to use Flashcards Deluxe

The hardest part is behind you! The following steps are the ones you’ll be performing on a regular basis.

  • Adding a deck to your combination deck
  • Reviewing words in Flashcards Deluxe 
  • Adding new cards in following weeks 
  • Summary of week-by-week process 

Note that while I’ve used Dropbox for this tutorial, the process is almost identical for Google Drive. The main difference is that the default folder that Flashcards Deluxe creates is /Flashcards Deluxe, not /Apps/Flashcards Deluxe.