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Reading Greek

Reading Greek is a 10 week live interactive course designed to jump start your reading of the Greek New Testament. In this course, you’ll start translating the text of the New Testament starting with John’s letters and 2 Thessalonians. 

Prerequisites: Completed beginning Greek, can reliably parse verbs, participles, infinitives and identify words that occur 50x or more in the Greek New Testament.

Length: 10 Weeks

Optional, but recommended

We’ll be reading from several books of the Greek New Testament. My goal is to help you move through Milestone 1 as efficiently as possible. For this reason, you’ll benefit from having a copy of the Tyndale Greek Scripture Journal (image on right). This will allow you to write a translation out (after each call!) and take notes that you can keep – and then hopefully maintain the same approach through the New Testament (if you want to). Note that you could go and buy the 1-3 John edition, but I’m hoping we’ll also finish 2 Thessalonians, so I’ve listed the links for the whole set below.

If you choose not to purchase the Tyndale Greek Scripture Journal, you can simply export the relevant section of the Greek New Testament into Microsoft Word and then either print it or export it to PDF and import it into Notability or similar. It’s up to you. 

Weekly workload: This course is still in the planning stages. At this stage, anticipate reading approximately 20 verses of Greek each week, translating and looking at different syntactical constructions as we work through the reading. At the end of the week, we’ll meet in a live call and discuss the exercises together. If you can’t make the call time, the call will be recorded and available for one week until the next live call.

Time and date: All times and dates, along with the Add to Calendar button are available on the live cohorts page here.

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Recommended Resources


Greek Journal