Greek Basics Review

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If you'd like to download all of the Mounce BBG vocabulary in a single file, you can do this here. Alternatively, within this course you can download the vocabulary as you go. The vocabulary in this course contains all words in the NT occurring 50x or more ordered by book.

  • All Mounce Vocabulary  

What you’ll need

This course has been designed to help you refresh your knowledge of the Greek. To do this as efficiently as possible, I encourage you to employ the following tools.

You don’t have to have these tools, but your review will be much quicker and easier with them.

How much time is required?

It depends on how much work your refreshing needs. I encourage you to plan on it taking 20-30 minutes per day, 5 days each week. The key is to be able to understand the language. The more time you spend on this, the better you will be set up for success.

This course will have you adding 30 words each week for 9 weeks to your vocabulary. These words are not in the order of Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek but they are the same words – words occurring 50x or more in the Greek New Testament.

Feel free to work through this material as fast or slow as you need to.